An approval or written consent is required either by email or sms for the confirmation of the job followed by 20 % of advance of respective amount or Rs 2000 whichever is higher .

Payment terms
Local Transfer 20 % advance and balance after delivery.
Inter City transfer 100 % payment after loading.

Note :- We don’t accept cash deposit in our bank accounts in case you deposited additional charge of 275 + GST will be applicable for the same. In Case of cashless transaction (debit card, credit card or net banking) a convince fee of 2% + GST will be applicable for the same.

In case of intercity transfer after completion of time frame if the goods were not delivered to you the company will pay a compensation of 150/day for the same.

In case of any missing items (reported at the time of unloading ) the company will compensate 200 - 500 for the same till the further action.

Glass Items , Marble , old and junky items not covered under insurance claim nor the company will be liable for the same.

We do not undertaking electrical. Carpentry & plumber Job, we provide on the basis of availability and will be charged extra.

We shall be exempted from any kind of loss or damage done accident, pilferage, fire, rain, collision or any other road / river hazard or nay Natural calamity. We advise you to insure you're consignment all risk, otherwise we will not be responsible for the losses and damages.

If required, we also provide STORAGE FACILITY to your customer at the very nominal charges @ Rs 3000* Per Month, But loading, unloading and delivery charges will be extra.

We do not hold nay responsibility for any valuable item like Jewellery/cash documents.

We do not undertake responsibility for carriage of gamins/ plants/marble temple.

If there is extra packing any extra articles or change, articles other than the articles list we will be extra accordingly.

We will charge extra for any extra service other than above mentioned services.

For the delay due to lots of technical reason in transport, only approx. delivery time is given, and company shall not responsible.

- The company has every right to hold the consignment and recover the outstanding amount especially '' to pay'' and '' to billed'' bookings.

On failure to receive the money from the client , the company has every right to sell the goods and recover the amount.

Warehouse Booking validity shall be only 30 days. Should be renewed after expiry days, and warehouse hold consignments charge will be per day as per the company.

The Company shall not be responsible for penalties/fines levied at the place of delivery destination due to traffic rules or any other problems, party shall bear the same.

If the Goods can't be lifted by a 'lift' or 'elevator' the total responsibility shall be of the party.

The company shall only unpack the goods and shall not install, fix or setup the same.

If any reason the transportation charges are suddenly increased, we shall charges the same to the party.

The Company Shall not be responsible don't "Receiving"the consignment if there is any claim "Remark" the consignment and update us to details within 24 hrs. All disputes subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction Only.